Audio Visual Alarm

DGMS has observed that the maximum number of fatal accidents occur during reversing of Surface Transport Machineries in open cast mines and to reduce accidents vide their circular no. 1 of 2010, made it compulsory to install Audio Visual Alarm in every H.E.M.M. & Surface Transportation Machineries used in Mines.Reverse alarms are devices to warn anyone in a vehicle’s path that it is moving backwards. Our AVA is 100% Water Proof. It even works after totally immersed in water.Operates ideally on 12-24 Volt DC.

Proximity Warning System (Collision Avoidance System)

Proximity Warning System (Collision Avoidance System) is a safety system designed to warn, alert, or assist drivers to avoid imminent collisions and reduce the risk of incidents.

Rear view camera system

Vehicle reversing cameras not only save money by reducing minor accidents, they also save lives by giving drivers increased visibility behind their vehicles. Reverse cameras can help you park more quickly and safely.

Seat Belt Reminder system

Seat belt reminders are intelligent, visual and audible devices that detect whether seat belts are in use in various seating positions and give out increasingly urgent warning signals until the belts are used.

Auto dipping system

Auto Dipping Device for a head light is intended to automatically change the Headlight Circuit to either driving beam or dip beam given a particular set of road conditions, without the intervention of the driver. As the system detect a truck approaching, they will switch off the high beam to regular headlights and when it is safe to do so, switch back to high beams again.

Body lifting alarm/ Dump body raise alarm

Dump Body raised alarm system is designed to help the driver be more vigilant. It sends a visual signal (flashing light) and an alarm when the truck is functioning and the dump is raised.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

In a single day, 150,000 drivers fall asleep on the road, and at least one crash occurs due to driver fatigue every 15 seconds. Driver fatigue sytem is a safety technology that can prevent accidents that are caused by drivers who fell asleep while driving. Driver fatigue will immediately send an alarm signal to remind the driver.

Beacon light

The main purpose of Beacon or strobe lights is for safety of the people inside and outside the vehicle. People outside of the vehicle will know where the vehicles are and individuals within the vehicle are also safer as larger industrial vehicles will be alerted to their presence.

Battery cut off switch

Battery disconnect switches are designed to cut-off electrical power, help protect against electrical fires and theft when equipment is not in use. They also provide a reliable way to shut down electrical power during maintenance and protect batteries from excessive drain. Installing a battery cut-off switch is usually done either for safety considerations or as an anti-theft precaution

Rear view camera system with Recording

This system helps you to record the real time visuals of your vehicle to analyze the performance of the vehicle and manpower. Vehicle reversing cameras not only save money by reducing minor accidents, they also save lives by giving drivers increased visibility behind their vehicles. Reverse cameras can help you park more quickly and safely.

LED Worklight

LED Work lights allow the user to light up an area that would not normally be illuminated by the vehicle's standard lights. We supply a wide range of led work lights for trucks, excavator, plant machinery and other types of vehicles. LED lights are more cost effective and energy efficient than incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs. LEDs use 90% less energy than incandescent lights. And they produce almost no heat.

Blind Spot Mirror

Blind spot mirror is a helpful gadget installed on the side mirrors of a truck to show the driver parts of the road that are hidden from their vision

Fire Suppression system- Automatic and Semi automatic

Vehicle fires can occur at any time, even when the vehicle is unattended or not in use. An automatic vehicle fire suppression system detects and suppresses a fire in minutes. This early detection is vital not only for the safety of the driver, but also for the longevity of your business and protection of other vehicles.

Payload Sensor

Pay load monitoring is useful for avoiding exceeding axle load. Loading vehicle in excess of axle load will shortens vehicle’s life cycle – early breakdown and extra costs for repairing suspension system and vehicle body.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Operator of the vehicle or the equipment can moniter the pressure of their tyre continously. This allows to take perventave actions and avoid accidents.

Kill Zone Red Light

Mining Vehicle are heavy and have a large turning radius and can run over the feet of people who are standing too close to the machine. Having a projected light on the floor will remind them to stand outside the perimeter and avoid getting crushed by forklifts in operation.

Pre-Start Alarm

Pre-Start Alarm is a safety alert system installed in heavy vehicles/equipment to alert the nearby vehicles and people that the vehicle is going to move from its position after the pre-set time. It will restrict the driver to operate the vehicle suddenly, the vehicle will not start until the Pre-set time is completed.

Biometric Access Control System

Biometric Access Control System is an intelligent device which prevents unauthorized use of your vehicle. We can register multiple drivers also in this device who can use the vehicle. Driver needs to punch his finger to start the vehicle and it allows for ignition only if driver is authorized otherwise it blocks the ignition permission.

Integrated Camera System

Integrated Camera System is New- age Technology which helps to alert the operator about any human and object behind the vehicle in blind zone. It uses AHD camera and display system with proximity warning sensor jointly.

Mine Safety Whip 1.2 m 1.5 m 1.8 m Truck Led Flag Antenna Lights Mining Buggy Whip Flags Pole

LED warning system products contain a variety of products, most of which are made of aluminum alloy shell or ABS shell and PC lens material. Aluminum alloy shell adopts spraying technology. Aluminum alloy or ABS shell is smooth and fine in texture, and the material selection is superior. The products are widely used in public, inspection and agricultural machinery vehicles, heavy vehicles in mining areas, engineering construction and other large vehicles. Such as: large excavators, bulldozers, cranes, large trucks, pickup trucks, tractors, ships, special explosion-proof vehicles and other heavy or special vehicles. It is widely used.In order to enhance the safety of night driving or operation. Royaleo committed to making all vehicles safer during operation, which is our constant aim.