About our company

An organization without Boundaries

The zest of entrepreneurship led to the formation of this company. Our combined experience of more than 60 years in the Industrial, Construction, Mining, and Port equipment industry has paved an oblivious path to start our business venture in the same industry. Throughout our career we have gained hands-on knowledge about requirements of safety devices on stationary and mobile equipment.

India is a growing economy and will scale vertically . This economy has a lot to offer for the industry by their investment in various sectors such as Roads, Ports, Mining, Agriculture, Metro, Real estate, Power, Railways, Manufacturing Hubs, etc. Government has announced their plans for investing more in infrastructure projects. We see good investments in various industries and further positive business for the stationary and mobile equipment industry.

Industries we serve

Our Mission

We are here to offer maximum value to our Customers

Our Vision

To be a leader in safety & Futuristic Products, by offering reliable technology. We aim to meet evolving industry requirements.

Meet our team

Kishor Kharat

CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Mobile : +91 98206 61941
Kishor Kharat is the CEO of Royaleo Futuristics. He is Engineering Professional with over 18 year's of experience, specializing in Manufacturing, Construction and BPO. As a team member of Royaleo Futuristics he is driven by Mission to offer maximum value to customers and Vision is to be leader in Safety and Futuristics products by offering reliable technology.

Swapnil Surve

COO - Chief Operating Officer
Mobile : +91 9920739099
Over 18 years in construction, Mining, Port and industrial equipment. Performed leadership positions in Sales and marketing, Market analysis, Key account, Corporate and retail business, After sales service.

Meraz Alam

CTO - Chief Technical Officer
Mobile : +91 7977054067
Over years experience in safety and accident prevention products in mining, construction,ports, industrial sector.

Our Way Forward

a) To establish ourselves as a leading organization, working to provide safety and monitoring devices for equipment.

b) To introduce and represent Domestic and International companies providing safety and monitoring solution Equipment industry.

c) To constantly upgrade ourselves to provide a technically superior product range in the equipment industry. We understand the importance of employee encouragement and satisfaction is the most crucial factor in the growth of any organization and we will keep it on top priority

- Material Handling and Warehouse solution
- Mining Sector
- Construction Sector
- Ports Sector
- Transportation
- Agriculture Sector